For years, it took me so long to dice an onion. All the pieces would be different sizes and shapes and onion would be flying in all directions. We had learned how to properly dice an onion in a cooking class we had in school, but I could never remember the directions. I finally taught myself how, with a simple trick. 

But no fear – I made you a video so you cam learn too! It’s very simple to dice an onion, quickly, with no mess! Just follow these simple instructions. 

  1. Slice the “nipple” off (this is how I refer to the non-root end)
  2. Slice through the root end
  3. Remove the skin
  4. Slice in 1/4 cuts vertically 
  5. Make 2 horizontal cuts 
  6. Dice away! 

Using these simple steps, you can dice a whole onion in less than 30 seconds (don’t go too fast that you cut yourself!! personal experience…). 

Now that you’ve learned how to quickly dice an onion, check out these eight delicious recipes that feature diced onion! 


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What is your favorite way to use diced onion?