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Zen & Spice is a nutrition-focused health and wellness company empowering women to trust in their natural abilities to create balanced, nourishing lifestyles in the kitchen and in everyday life.

Sponsored Posts

Create sponsored posts and recipes for vibrant, simple dishes that focus on cooking intuitively with highlighted ingredients. 

Food Photography

Natural light photography with elegant yet simple food styling. 


Fun and entertaining videos that showcase delicious recipes and cooking techniques.  


Brand Ambassador

Social media influencer marketing for brands and food companies that match our philosophy.


Created by Emily Weeks, RDN, LD, Zen & Spice offers cooking programs and workshops and creative content for brand marketing campaigns. 

Emily approaches her consumer clients as a reliable, dependable friend who always knows how to dish out the right practical advice when they need it most. 

Down to earth and encouraging, Emily shares tips and tools that anyone can easily apply and integrate into their daily lives. 

Emily approaches her food brand partners with warmth and competence, while retaining her approachable, down-to-earth vibe that showcases why she can reach and make an impact on their target audience. 

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Interested in collaborating?

Emily works with brands in varying capacities and is open to exploring new forms of partnerships for Zen & Spice.

 Contact Emily for more details and to request a media kit.