Tender yellow potatoes, zucchini and cherry tomatoes tossed with tofu and seasoned with traditional Italian seasonings like garlic, basil and oregano. This Italian Tofu Scramble is a perfect vegan breakfast any time of the week! 

Tofu scramble with tomatoes and zucchini

Sometimes you just want something different for breakfast, am I right? I often get in the rut of eating the same thing over and over. Bagel with cream cheese. Scrambled eggs. English muffin with peanut butter. I’m the kind of person that can eat the same thing for breakfast for two weeks straight until I finally get sick of it. Today’s recipe is for just that — when you get tired of your go-to breakfast and want to try something different! 

Tofu scrambles are a wonderful way to get a hefty amount of protein in your meal. It has about ten grams of protein per serving, which is slightly less than two eggs! Protein is so important to eat first thing in the morning because that’s what’s going to help you stay full until your next meal or snack. 

Another reason tofu is so great is that it soaks up any sort of flavoring or seasoning you pair it with. In this case, I used garlic, basil and oregano to create an Italian feel. The secret to getting tofu that gorgeous yellow color? A dash of turmeric! 

Tofu scramble with tomatoes and zucchini

I hope you try something new this week for breakfast! 

Here’s the recipe for Italian Tofu Scramble with Zucchini & Cherry Tomatoes: