Quickly learn to slice, dice and chiffonade in this thirty second video! 

Hi everyone! I am happy to share with you my FIRST ever video! Watch for a quick thirty second tutorial on how to use a kitchen knife to slice, dice and chiffonade. Do you slice your bell peppers like I do? My mom taught me this trick to easily get the top off and slice into strips. 

In the video, I demo three knife skills: 

Slicing: to cut into pieces with two flat edges (for use in salads, stews, side dishes). 

Dicing: to cut into uniform cubes (to use in soups and sautees). 

Chiffonade: to cut into very thin strips (such as basil or baby spinach). 

The braised carrots I posted yesterday is a great example of using the slicing technique. I use dices in many of my soups, such as my homemade pasta fagioli soup. Basil and baby spinach are great chiffonade— you can add sliced basil strips to the top of pasta dishes such as my chicken mozzarella penne

Let me know what you think of my first video! I stuck to a pretty simple demo to play it safe. Turns out, video is nothing to be scared of! In fact, it was so much fun, that I promptly made a big list of other recipes I want to start filming! I do need to work on my lighting and my video editing skills, but I’d say this isn’t half bad for the very first! 

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  1. Great short video tutorial. Love the music, ease of presentation and color! Knife skills are so helpful for making attractive, healthy meals.

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