I can’t believe there’s only two days left in August. This year (as everyone usually says) is flying by so fast. But this year it seems to be especially flying by. In September, my little schnoodle puppy turns one year old. It still feels like he is a little baby puppy– just the 8 week old puppy we drove down and picked up from Houston. He’s grown from only two pounds to about eight and is just as cute as the day we got him. I unfortunately won’t be there for his “first official” birthday as I’ll be in Vermont for Blog Brulee! I’m sad about missing his birthday (I’m such a puppy mom) but super excited for that weekend. 

Here are some of my fav links from the past few weeks. Linking up with Running with Spoons as usual! 

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What are your favorite links? Post them below! 


  1. Great roundup of links! And thanks for including my peanut butter cookie recipe post :) I love the mix of articles you have here.

    1. No problem! Loved your roundup!

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