I’m happy to finally be writing a non-recipe post– it’s been months since I’ve written about mindfulness and I’ve been missing it. The months of August and September were a little crazy for me– two trips, only three weeks apart, on opposite ends of the country. Lots of deadlines, projects, health fairs, booths, and networking events. As we go into October I’m trying to ease up my schedule…  scheduling only one “event” during the weeknights so I don’t go crazy. 

I wrote this post last night after coming home from a hot yoga class, my first in probably a month. I’ve let my business and blog take over and have been lacking in the self-care department. Hints of lack of self-care include coming down with a cold this week and just feeling cruddy (and craving pizza, which we ordered and it hit the spot). Yoga was just what I needed– gentle movement without any rules and restrictions, just letting my body enjoy moving. 

Today I just wanted to touch one something that has been on my mind lately: contentment. It’s very hard in today’s world (especially the blogging world) to enjoy contentment, with constant reminders of what other people are doing– living what we imagine are more amazing lives, creating cool things, going on adventures, doing things that you’re not doing. We all do it: seeing the cool things others are doing/creating and wish you were doing something cool too. 

I’m personally guilty of occasionally not feeling content– and if you’re a fellow dietitian/food blogger you may agree. I recently got back from a blogging conference, and my mind was blown with ideas and inspiration. My to-do list was a mile long. I was so anxious to get started and improve, that I forgot about taking things slow and step by step, and got overwhelmed. I started procrastinating my blog to-do list because the pressure that I needed to do more and do better and do everything was just too much, plus just plain feeling tired and unmotivated.  

These thoughts lead to feeling that you aren’t good enough, or that your life isn’t good enough. If we have this in our minds, we are constantly pursuing a better life, always feeling we should be doing more, creating more, learning more, traveling more. Don’t get me wrong, of course it’s great to improve and learn and grow a blog, business, or other aspects of your life. But if you spend all of your time chasing happiness, dreams, greatness, you’ll never be content with what you have. Because contentment can be right where we are now, if we look close enough. 

When you catch yourself having feelings on non-contentment, pause and feel your body, your breath, your sensations. This moment contains so much more that you don’t normally notice, if you pay attention. This moment is enough. Notice the amazing things around you, as if you’re seeing it for the first time. The miracle of your body, mind, your surroundings. 

Create a habit of contentment. Daily mindfulness to remind you that no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going or creating, that you’re good enough. 


  1. Emily, this is such a wonderfully written and important post. I can so relate to everything you wrote, thank you for the gentle reminder :)

  2. Yes! Such a common emotion to feel, but we all do and it is best to try and stop and breathe when we realize!

  3. So very true. It’s so hard in the blogging world to not constantly compare yourself to others or always be thinking “I’ve gotta do more more more!” It’s so important to slow down and acknowledge what you DO have and the wonderful things you already HAVE done. Thank you for this important reminder! (And gorgeous photo!)

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