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For my 12 habits in 2015 series, we’re focusing on gratitude & positivity in January here at Zen & Spice. If you want to read what topics the rest of the year will be about, click here. If you missed last week’s article on showing gratitude today, make sure to read that also!

How many of you keep a gratitude journal? I keep one on and off. Sometimes it’s hard to remember– Pinterest or Instagram scrolling tends to highly distract me and before I know it my eyes are heavy! It’s one of my personal goals to continue to work on my gratitude and positivity. Being positive can make such a big difference in our lives– at home, work, with friends. Being grateful is truly one of the fastest ways to get yourself into a good mood.

I’ve found a really great gratitude journal that you can print and make copies of. This is a great resource to keep on your nightstand, and fill one out every day. 

In the morning, fill out ten things you’re grateful for before your day even starts. During the day, think about obstacles, lessons you’re learning from the obstacles (being grateful for learning lessons is one great way to get through hard times). At the end of the day, write these down along with people you’re grateful for (can even be strangers!) and the best part of your day. These things don’t have to be anything major– they can just be a stranger opening the door for you or someone offering to help you with your groceries.

Here’s the link to this great gratitude journal! Be sure to check it out! 


The good thing about gratitude journals is that they help you feel better almost immediately. And the more you keep up the habit, the better you’ll feel over time!


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Do you write in a journal? Do you practice writing down things you’re grateful for every day?


  1. O wow, I don’t think I could go that in-depth everyday!

    1. Even just every other day or once a week would remind us what we’re grateful for! :)

  2. I love this! I’m guilty of letting one little upset overshadow everything else at times. This is a great way to gain perspective. Thanks girl!

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