We couldn’t be more excited to announce that we will be expecting a baby GIRL in November! Although our first wish is that our baby is healthy and safe, we were both pretty excited to learn we’re having a daughter. I’ve always wanted a daughter and I had hoped I would have a girl first. I’m the first born daughter in my family, so I think that skewed my preference a little! 

Last weekend we had our families over to tell them the good news. I baked a three layer raspberry cake with buttercream frosting for my family! 

Watch the video of their reaction: 

So fun! My mom and sister both had strong feelings that it was going to be a boy. My mom said her reasoning was because when she was pregnant with my brother, she had the vivid dreams like I’ve been having every night. I think my dad is excited to have his first grandchild be a little girl. 

 For Nick’s family, I baked a batch of brownie cupcakes (did you know that you can turn any boxed brownie into a cupcake? Simply fill halfway and bake for 25-30 minutes). I then cored out a hole in the middle and filled them with pink frosting, topped with chocolate frosting and some sprinkles. 

They turned out really rich and filling and the strawberry filling was a nice touch! 

Here’s the video of their reaction: 

I am 21 weeks as of today. I started to feel the baby around 16 weeks, and it just felt like someone was tapping me lightly from the inside– little pops. Now I am definitely feeling more movement. It feels like someone is wiggling inside of me (because there is, duh). It’s sort of like when your stomach drops in an elevator, except in one concentrated spot. She likes to move when I sit still for long periods of time at my desk or at nighttime when we’re watching TV.

She is now the size of a baby bok choy (or a carrot depending which app I use), about 10.5 inches and almost a whole pound! I’m not showing a whole lot yet. I’m almost 5’10” so I think she’s mostly growing up first, then will start to push out. I think it’s going to be another month or so before I have an actual belly.

I am feeling great—a little more energy than the first trimester. I’m not taking a nap everyday like I did then, maybe every other day. I can’t wear my engagement ring or wedding band, so I bought some silicone rings off Amazon to wear for the time being. I’ve gone into maternity everything and enjoying stretchy maternity shorts and loose tops. A couple weeks ago I left for a work trip and while packing, I realized that the pants that fit me a week before no longer buttoned. I rushed to two different Targets before I found a belly band!

The biggest thing I’m dealing with right now is RAVENOUS hunger. It’s every two hours and I have to eat something. I wake up in the middle of the night starving, and then wake up at 6am starving again. I’ve started keeping a stash of snacks by the bed. The other day I was rustling a package of crackers open and woke Nick up. Ha. Basically anything and everything is a go, food wise right now. What I’m really missing lately are runny egg yolks. I’m so sad that apparently the only company that made pasteurized eggs is now out of business. I would kill for a sunny side up egg yolk.

See you in 19 weeks, baby girl!