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Imagine that you’ve just gotten off work and it was a busy day full of projects and deadlines. You drive your commute home with heavy traffic and when you get home, you’re tired and just want to rest. Your pantry is empty and nothing is on the menu for dinner. What are you likely to do? Stop and pick up food on the way home? Try to throw something together from the freezer?

Now imagine that you get home from work and you have a meal plan posted on your fridge! Since you grocery shopped the previous weekend, you have all the ingredients to make a healthy, fresh meal. In fact, since you meal prepped some of the veggies and whole grains that the recipe calls for, it’s a snap to throw together a healthy meal.

Sounds so good, right? But. 

What if you were out of town the previous weekend? What if your flight gets in Sunday evening at midnight and you have work the next day (totally happening to me next weekend)? What if you spent all weekend at your kid’s soccer/track/basketball/t-ball/baseball games and by Sunday evening you were too tired to shop? 


Sometimes it’s just not always possible/feasible to meal plan every single week. You still want to stay on track and make mindful choices, and you don’t want to end up in the takeout line. Enter the solution of pre-prepared foods. Choosing pre-prepared foods can be very tricky if you’re still trying to honor your nutrition.

When choosing these foods, whether they come refrigerated or frozen, here are a couple guidelines: 

  • Choose meals that are made fresh– either daily or flash-frozen
  • Try to find meals with less than 600mg of sodium 
  • Higher protein, 10-20g per meal, and higher fiber, 3-6g per meal
  • Include plenty of fresh, colorful vegetables and lean protein sources 
  • 300-500 calories– if they’re less than 300 calories per meal, it’s probably not enough to be considered a “meal”

One of my favorite places to buy fresh, made daily, refrigerated food, is My Fit Foods. Most of their lunch and dinner options have less than 500mg of sodium. Their meals are between 300-600 calories, and all breakfast items have between 10-30g of protein. They even have gluten free options! All meals are made daily and refrigerated until you pick them up from the storefront. 

My Fit Foods offers over 60 nutritionally balanced, portion-controlled, ready-to-eat meals and snacks that support a healthy lifestyle. They have over 50 locations in 5 states– Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, California and Illinois. The company is very passionate about helping you live a healthier lifestyle. 


So passionate in fact, that during the month of September, My Fit Foods is encouraging guests to share healthy lifestyle habits with friends, while giving back to those in need. Guests who purchase a meal during participating “Pay Fit Forward Fridays” will be offered the option to donate a FREE meal to either a friend, or to a local hunger-relief charity. How awesome is that?! 

Here’s how you can participate: 1


Here in Texas, meals will be donated to Keep Austin Fed, a non-profit organization that gathers wholesome and nutritious surplus food and distributes to local charities that feed those in need; North Texas Food Bank, the largest North Texas charity focused on feeding the local hungry; and Nourishment for the Needy, a faith-based food pantry in the Texas area. 

For more information on the “Pay Fit Forward” campaign or to find the My Fit Foods location nearest you, visit www.myfitfoods.com/payfitforward.


I was able to try the Sun-Dried Tomato & Spinach Breakfast Omelette with roasted sweet potatoes, Shrimp tacos (which were AMAZING), and the Provita Chicken, steamed broccoli, and mashed sweet potatoes with walnuts and cinnamon. Each meal averages $6-8. Not bad at all for great tasting, fresh meals that include tons of fresh, yummy ingredients and flavors! 

Do you have a My Fit Foods in your area? Have you tried them, and if so, what is your favorite meal? 

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  1. Oh, that’s a super cool initiative that My Fit Foods is doing in September! I have never tried My Fit Foods yet but I noticed they are popular in Austin since I’ve moved here. Now I kinda want to try them on a Friday…

    1. Today’s the perfect day! #PayFitForward

  2. Everything sure looks delicious. As much as I stress cooking at home there are simply times you can’t do it!

  3. What a great company! Hope they come to my state soon :)

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