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Ready in under 20 minutes, this spicy and creamy dish is perfect for a weeknight dinner. By adding the zucchini noodles, you half the amount of carbohydrates in a serving, while adding fiber, vitamins and minerals!


I was originally going to post an intuitive eating article today. I was supposed to work on it after I got home yesterday but spent the evening at Forever 21 trying to find a 70’s hippie outfit for Nick’s company party tonight. I don’t even remember the last time I attempted shopping at Forever 21… probably when I was actually 21. Two hours of filtering through racks and racks of outrageous clothing I finally found and outfit. I’m sure I’ll post a picture on IG later! 

I was looking over my editorial calendar from the past month and realized that the recipes I’ve been sharing lately haven’t been so summery– oops! Did I break a blogger rule? I’ve been posting roasted spaghetti squash, chicken pot pie, orzo with baked eggs. All things that require you to turn your oven on in this 100 degree Texas weather.

At the end of a long day at work, I usually like to eat a hot meal, even if it’s hot outside. It’s comforting. Anyone else with me here? 

There’s so many comforting things about today’s recipe: pasta, creamy tomato sauce, fresh basil, Italian sausage and parmesan cheese. There are summery components in this dish, though– the fresh basil, zucchini noodles, and tomatoes!

fettuchini 4

Everyone should know how to make a basic tomato cream sauce. It’s so easy you don’t even need a recipe, really. Saute some garlic and onions, add tomato sauce, salt, pepper, a dash of sugar and any other seasonings you like (dried basil, oregano, garlic or onion powder), cook for a while, and then add half and half (or if you dare, heavy cream) and some parmesan.

This type of sauce goes well with any type of pasta dish— spaghetti, fettuccine, ziti, lasagna. Can you tell I love pasta? I could make a whole blog over just pasta recipes. Growing up, we had pasta at least twice a week. You’d think we were Italian– but we’re German and Polish! 

Here’s the recipe for this simple and delicious weeknight dish. 

Creamy Tomato Basil Fettuccine with Zucchini & Spicy Italian Sausage
Serves 4
  1. 2 tsp olive oil
  2. 1 Tbsp butter
  3. 1/2 yellow onion
  4. 4 tsp minced garlic
  5. 2 cans tomato sauce
  6. 1/4 tsp salt, to taste
  7. 1/4 tsp pepper, to taste
  8. 1 tsp sugar
  9. 1/2 cup half and half
  10. 1/2 cup grated parmesan
  11. 1/2 cup fresh basil, sliced
  12. 1/2 lb fettuccine
  13. 2 zucchini, spiralized or julienned
  14. 2 Italian sausage links, cooked and sliced
  1. Cook pasta according to package directions.
  2. Heat butter and oil over medium heat. Add onion and garlic and sautee until the onions start to caramelize. Pour in the tomato sauce, salt, pepper, and sugar. Stir and cook over low heat for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  3. Add the half and half, parmesan, and zucchini. Allow the zucchini to wilt into the sauce, stirring, for 3 minutes or until soft.
  4. Add the fettuccine and basil and serve immediately, topped with more parmesan, basil and the sliced Italian sausage.
Zen & Spice https://zenandspice.com/
 How often do you eat pasta? What’s your favorite type of pasta sauce to make?


  1. I’m totally with you on the hot meal at the end of the day regardless of the temperature! It just feels wrong somehow if I don’t. Although, I’m not going to lie, if it’s been a long day, I’d much rather eat a bowl of cereal than cook a meal. :) And, as a runner, I could eat pasta every day! But I don’t. Sometimes that makes me sad. I’m definitely going to have to make this. I love zucchini!!

    1. I could eat pasta every day too!!

  2. I could definitely go for this, even though it’s 107 today! Comforting and summery at the same time :)

  3. Summer comfort for sure! Thanks for reading!

  4. i am in love with the tomato-basil combo right now, especially with the fresh, juicy summer tomatoes! Thanks for sharing :)

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