Satisfy those burrito cravings with this delicious vegetarian burrito! Stuffed with sweet potato, black beans, red bell pepper, spices, and creamy cheddar cheese. 

burrito with sweet potato and black beans

Today I wanted to share a quick recipe for a delicious lunch or dinner meal! This whole meal comes together in less than 20 minutes and freezes well. I made a big batch and froze them so I can have them for lunch anytime I want! 

What you’ll need to make Vegetarian Burritos

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burrito with sweet potato and black beans

How to make vegetarian burritos

Make the filling

First, you’ll dice your onion and bell pepper. Heat a large pot with olive oil and sautee the onions and peppers until they begin to soften. Then you’ll add the diced sweet potato. Try to keep them all uniform when dicing– and keep them on the small size so it’s easier to take bites from the burrito! Next, you’ll cover the potatoes with broth and add the spices. Simmer for 10-12 minutes until the potatoes are fork-tender, then you’ll drain and return to the pot. Add the beans, sour cream, and cheese and stir until melted and creamy! If you’d like a vegan option, simply substitute 1/4 cup of vegan mayo for the sour cream and cheese. I like the Follow Your Heart soy-free veganaise.  

Toast the vegetarian burritos 

Next, you’ll divide the filling between the tortillas. Fold in the sides before rolling up. Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat and add the oil. Once hot, add the burritos seam-side down and cook until golden brown on each side, about 2-3 minutes. Enjoy nice and hot! 

burrito with sweet potato and black beans

Quick tips for vegetarian burritos

  • Feel free to sub other veggies in — butternut squash would be great! Or, you could add some zucchini or corn. 
  • Play around with the cheese. Instead of cheddar, pepper jack or Monterrey would be delicious. 
  • Use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream for extra protein. 

Here’s the recipe for Vegetarian Burrito with Sweet Potatoes & Black Beans: